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         Upcoming Shows

2024 been fun so far.   Schedule keeps changing but that's part of the way this thing works.  Trying to keep this updated, but you know, I work like an hour a night.

6/28  Pioneer Theater, Manteo, NC

7/1-7/13  Holland America Eurodam, Alaska

7/19-7/20 Give A Hoot Comedy Club, Gaithersburg, MD

7/22-7/26  Moving Furniture, SC-NJ-OH

7/27   The Funny Farm, Youngstown, OH

7/27-8/1  Possible Cruise-In TV Shoots, OH

"ROADBILL" travel blog from

8/2  Fountain City Ampitheater, Bryan, OH

8/3  Don's House of Comedy, Bowling Green, KY

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