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OK, so most shows have been wiped out since mid-

March.  2020 started so well too.  Still hoping to shoot

some new Cruise-In episodes this fall but no luck so far.

I may jump on some Zoom shows-will post if I do and I'll try to put out more on YouTube and other platforms.
Had more scheduled for Fall/Winter but like everyone else, things keep getting moved around.  At some point, we'll get back to abnormal, right?

 More to come...I think.

Stay Safe!

11/7  Fundraiser, West Branch, MI-Canceled

11/14 Fundraiser, Columbiana, OH-Canceled

11/24 Dentist Appointment, Cleveland, OH

12/17-12/19  Caravan Comedy Club, Louisville, KY

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         (Yes, I still sell a CD)

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